Webmail is a software application that permits you to work with an e-mail account online via an Internet browser and without the need for setting up the account in a PC email app like Microsoft Outlook or perhaps Apple Mail. This will make it possible to make use of your e-mails from any location or any laptop or computer if you are not capable to use your personal computer - in case you're on a break and you drop by an Internet cafe, for example. Webmail clients commonly do not offer as many options as a standard PC client, but they still have a great deal of options, including sending and receiving email messages, configuring customized signature and employing address books. If you set up an e-mail address in a PC program, you have to use the IMAP protocol during the process for those who like to view all messages later working with webmail, because the online app can't show e-mail messages from your computer if they have been previously downloaded with all the POP mail protocol.

Webmail RoundCube in Shared Website Hosting

Our shared website hosting plans offer a leading-edge webmail client called Roundcube, which will present you with more or less all functions of a standard e-mail app. You can access it directly from a web browser simply by entering your e-mail and password or using your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. Taking into consideration the capabilities that Roundcube features, you can work with it to supplement an email client or as a standalone application. In case you host a company web site and your staff members use webmail, you could have the application within a customized URL with the corporation domain in a few easy steps. With a handful of clicks you can also make folders, change the time zone with respect to your specific location, generate an address book or create numerous identities for any given e-mail address.

Webmail RoundCube in Semi-dedicated Servers

With a semi-dedicated server plan with our company, it is possible to handle your electronic messages using the feature-rich Roundcube webmail client. The application is really easy to use and incorporates a lot of features that you can find in a desktop e mail application like setting up aliases, an address book and / or custom HTML signatures. If you travel, you can change the time zone for any mailbox with a handful of mouse clicks. You can log in to a mailbox either by simply clicking on it in the Emails part of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel or by entering the e-mail as well as its password in the webmail login web page. If you host a business or an business website, you can also set up a custom made URL with your domain where the employees are able to log in to their web mail. With Roundcube, you are able to check your e mail correspondence from every location and any system.